Friday, December 16, 2016

Monkey 2 - Leaving BRL communities.

As of today I won't support Blitz Research products anymore. After voicing my frusration with Monkey 2 in a civil way on its forum, the creator of Monkey 2 suggested to leave his community if I am not happy with the product and have no fun.
He also suggested to post bugs in the github issues section. I had posted there before but got happy ignored by his truly. So I closed them again. Why bother. And for sure, it didn't motivate me to help him finding bugs.

So at the end, I grant his wish and leave his communites. It is not worth getting your bloodpressure rise over it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Monkey 2 and fantom2

Over the last months I am trying to port fantomX to Monkey 2.

While changing things unrelated inside the ftLayer class, I did a recompile and boom, all of a sudden Monkey 2 reports that there is a missing end in a method where it clearly has one. Unchanged code in a different class all of a sudden doesn't compile.
I feel like I am using GLBasic where I had the same thing happen to me back in 2010.

Parser glitch I think and for sure, there is a problem somewhere in my code, but it doesn't tell me correct location. So i thought, let me get the newest Monkey 2 version from github.
Installed it, build it, fine! But you have to get Ted2Go from its own Github. Done that, build it, BOOM. Slow as a dog. Its GUI is hardly reacting to user input. On the prebuild version that ships with 1.10.01 it works fine, but I have that code error problem. So I restart my computer, thinking it might be something with it. Nope, same slow doggy crawling Ted2Go.

So as of yesterday, my Monkey 2 trials are on hold till I get a version that is working again and shows me the correct location of the error that is causing that mess. Let's just say that I am not a happy camper atm.