Sunday, June 11, 2017

Back in action, kinda...

Soooo, a few days ago BRL announced that it will close the BlitzBasic website and the Monkey-X website and cease the support for these poducts finally.
As Monkey X is now complete open source, some of us want to keep it alive and develop it further.

Right now we are based at

In that spirit I decided that I will reactivate the development of my Monkey X frameworks. Let's see how it will work out.

I won't create a M2 compatible framework. Just to be clear!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Monkey 2 - Leaving BRL communities.

As of today I won't support Blitz Research products anymore. After voicing my frusration with Monkey 2 in a civil way on its forum, the creator of Monkey 2 suggested to leave his community if I am not happy with the product and have no fun.
He also suggested to post bugs in the github issues section. I had posted there before but got happy ignored by his truly. So I closed them again. Why bother. And for sure, it didn't motivate me to help him finding bugs.

So at the end, I grant his wish and leave his communites. It is not worth getting your bloodpressure rise over it.