Saturday, May 7, 2016

fantomX V2.02 is out!

And here it is. Version 2.02 of fantomX, the mojo2 powered 2D game framework for Monkey X!

And you can grab a copy from the forum here: 

Here is a list of changes:

New functionalities

  • Added ftObject.SetImageScale9:Void (top:Float, bottom:Float, left:Float, bottom:Float) to support 9-slice image scaling. 
  • Added ftLayer.ActivateTouchEnterExitEvent (onOff:Bool = True) to activate the call of the following events... 
  • Added ftEngine.OnObjectTouchEnter (obj:ftObject, touchId:Int) 
  • Added ftEngine.OnObjectTouchExit (obj:ftObject, touchId:Int) 
  • Added SKN3's XML very good module


  • Fixed ftLayer.TouchCheck so it takes a scaling of the layer into its calculation.


  • ftEngine.CopyObject now supports 9-slice image scaling related fields of an object. 
  • ftObject.Render now supports 9-slice image scaling. 
  • ftObject.SetHeight:Void (height:Float, scaleMode:Bool = False) Added scale mode parameter. If set to true, the scale factor of an object is adjusted too. 
  • ftObject.SetWidth:Void (width:Float, scaleMode:Bool = False) Added scale mode parameter. If set to true, the scale factor of an object is adjusted too.

New examples

  • Input/TouchInputEX/TouchInputEX.monkey Objects/Appearance/9SliceScaling/9SliceScaling.monkey

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

fantomX version 2.01. released

Hi folks,

here is version 2.01 of fantomX. 

You can grab it from the attachment of this post. These are the changes:

New functionalities

  • Added ftEngine.CreateImage:ftObject(image:ftImage, xpos:Float, ypos:Float, _ucob:Object=Null)


  • Fixed ftBox2D.CreateObject to set the angle with its corresponding ftObject
  • Fixed/Changed ftLayer.Render regarding layer scaling.
  • Fixed ftObject.Render regarding layer scaling and also object culling.


  • Added children flag to ftObject.SetActive, so it affects children too
  • Added children flag to ftObject.SetVisible, so it affects children too
  • Default Image flags when loading content are now set to Image.Filter
  • A ftObject has a corresponding box2d object field only, when #FantomX_UsePhysics = 1 was added before importing fantomX.
  • ftLayer.SetLayerScissor now works with virtual values, no offsets anymore

New example

  • Canvas/VirtualResolution/VirtualResolution.monkey
  • Sound/Sound.monkey
  • TileMaps/Platformer_Physics/Platformer_Physics.monkey
  • Layer/LayerScaling/LayerScaling.monkey

Hope you like it.


Monday, February 8, 2016

fantomEngine V1.58 released

fantomEngine V.158 for Monkey-X is out. It is a small bugfix release regarding layer scaling and object culling.

Grab it from here:


Sunday, December 6, 2015

A new book...

As some of you already know, I am writing a new book. About game development Monkey X and fantomX, the successor of fantomEngine. You can follow its progress over the next couple of months on my forum.

I hope the reader will like it.

Check out the games made with fantomEngine

Hi folks,

just wanted to give you a heads up about some of the games that were created with fantomEngine. They show how easy it is to create a good looking game with your favorite Monkey X framework.

You should try it to, what can you miss.